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Dream Big Program

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Through one-to-one chats, weekly newsletters, free e-books, online videos and a simple app on your smart-phone, our

"Dream Big Program" 

will help you to:

Learn finance & budgeting basics

  • Understanding the basics
  • Goal setting - why it's so important and how to get the best results
  • Staying on track!

Then when you are ready for the next step, we help you:

Get finance ready to buy your home

  • Identify what kind of borrower/home buyer you are
  • Understand your Credit Score and Credit File
  • Review, understand and manage your income and expenditure
  • Learn about Borrowing Capacity and Buying Power (Deposit) and how they are connected
  • Identify affordability in purchasing a property
  • Understand the pros and cons of Mortgage Insurance
  • Sort through the overwhelming number of funding choices that exist in the marketplace
  • Understand home loan strategies that are tailored to your needs
  • Understand and apply tailored debt management and cashflow management strategies
  • Understand the value & power of having a home loan Pre-Approved
  • Understand the value & power of Property Reports
  • Learn how to better negotiate a successful property purchase with confidence
  • Apart from talking to a real estate agent, what else do I need to know about buying a property?
  • How can I learn about buying an investment property and how can I avoid making mistakes? 

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Meet George

With over 25 years of finance and property experience, I've learned numerous strategies
to help our clients purchase the best homes and obtain the best loans, and saving them money in the process.

George and the HOW team are excited to be leading this initiative
bringing genuinely affordable housing and finance solutions to first home buyers.

George Nori • Director, How - Strategy Group

Australian Credit Licence 389915, Buyers Agent Licence 20066319

Meet the HOW Strategy Group Team

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