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We will explain the intricacies of your loan structure, manage expectations and liaise between all parties (financial planner/solicitor/accountant) to ensure you receive the highest quality ongoing communication and loan application management.


What you ask

  • ?Can I buy a property in my SMSF
  • ?How do I set up an SMSF
  • ?What are the benefits of purchasing a property in my SMSF
  • ?Do I need a separate SMSF for each property

How We Solve It

Financing a property purchased in an SMSF can be a minefield of paperwork and red tape.  You can rest assured our experience will ensure your journey is as smooth and hassle free as possible.
Let us show you HOW!

Why Do It

  • We have expert independent financial planners who can assist you with all your SMSF needs
  • Our financial planner liaises closely with our loan writers to a smooth experience

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Let us show you HOW!

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