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Being asset rich and cash poor should be a thing of the past. Enjoy the financial freedom to spend your retirement as you choose...with independence and dignity


What you ask

  • ?I own my own home but find it hard to live on my pension
  • ?How can I afford a holiday
  • ?I am 80, can I still borrow money
  • ?Do I need to make repayments
  • ?Can I safeguard an inheritance for my family
  • ?Can I increase my income to supplement my pension
  • ?How can I pay for repairs or renovations to my home

How We Solve It

Enjoying your retirement can mean having your dream holiday, renovating your kitchen, going to your favourite restaurant or simply taking your grandkids to the movies. All of this is possible while still preserving an inheritance for your family.
Let us show you HOW!

Why Do It

  • We have a number of finance options to choose from
  • We liaise with your legal representative, financial planner & Centerlink (If you do not have one of these we can refer one for you)
  • Downsize to affordable luxury
  • Create additional income to supplement your pension
  • Increase the capital growth and asset potential of your home
  • Stay in the area you love/close to your family

Get In Touch

Let us show you HOW!

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For more information and understanding about this type of loan, we welcome you to visit ASIC’s MoneySmart website.