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About Us

Whether you are a first home buyer, seasoned investor or a senior/pensioner looking for lifestyle solutions, How Strategy Group will guide you through your journey and help you achieve your dreams.

We will identify finance and property strategies that best fit your personal circumstances and then develop synergies between the two to provide you with the very best wholistic experience and positive result.

Our background and experience in finance will ensure you receive exemplary education, multiple product offerings, proven strategies and professional, caring service. To this end, we promise to:

  • develop and review your finance strategy for optimum performance
  • process your loans as if they were our own
  • keep you well informed throughout the entire process
  • champion attention to detail
  • value professional development and be recognised as industry leaders

Combining our experience and knowledge of finance with our HOW - Nano Homes, we are committed to bolstering our position to industry leader, offering our clients innovative property strategies and solutions.

We are also committed to assisting our construction partner to lead Australia in modular research & development, thus ensuring our modular homes are:

  • exciting in design and construction
  • faster and greener to build than traditional alternatives
  • superior quality and precision built, exceeding Australian standards

And when you purchase through our property service, you can be confident that we will:

  • develop and review your property strategy to ensure it is consistent with all of your current and future needs and desires
  • only partner with trusted and quality developers and
  • only offer properties that safeguard the integrities of your strategy and property portfolio.

True success will come from genuinely serving our clients to the best of our ability. To that end, we are committed to nurturing a comfortable and progressive environment that encourages teamwork and at the same time, encourages individual employees’ continued growth and development.

Our Team

Providing the back office and marketing support to our Consultants in the field.


  • WE BELIEVE that our clients deserve to be presented with only the most premium of quality properties that align with their wealth creation strategies to provide them with the best possible results in both yields and capital growth.
  • WE PROMISE to only deal with developers and builders that have a proven track record in the industry and display integrity and professionalism in their business dealings.
  • WE BELIEVE that properties we source for our clients will only be of a calibre that we would be prepared to buy ourselves or source for members of our own family.
  • WE PROMISE that any property opportunity presented to you will come with a comprehensive report on that property that will assist you in performing your own due diligence.
  • WE BELIEVE that understanding the synergies between finance and property is the key to successful property investment.
  • WE PROMISE to assist you in understanding these synergies to develop meaningful strategies to help you achieve your goals.