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April 25, 2017
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Logo Design Success

HOW Strategy Group is delighted to announce that it has recently won a prestigious industry award for its newly-created logo.

Brandcube Creative Strategy Director, Vinesh George comments that the task at hand was “to create a clear identity and positioning for all brand collateral for the group.

“What we found was a financial company that simplified the process, was warm, approachable, and removed all confusion. These observations formed the germ of an idea that created ‘How Strategy Group’ and the question mark icon.
The myriad streams of colours represented the multiple queries in customer’s minds before they came to the client.

They walk in with a question, and walk out with a solution..”

The Award was given by Graphis US which has shown annual collections of the best design work worldwide since 1952 and the How Strategy Group logo will be featured in the Graphis logo 9 and Letterhead 8 books.

Award-winning artist Justin Sayarath created the insightful work using a question mark.