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Rethink Small Developments

Think HOW - Nano Terraces - a combination of advanced modular design, luxury features and technology

HOW - Nano Terraces offer fast, affordable & expandable turnkey solutions to small development investors.
Do you have land to accommodate 2 Terraces? Or 5... or even 10+?

The major barrier for most small developers is the ability to finance the maximum potential of their development.
Our modular design and finance strategies offer you the opportunity to build as you can afford.
Let us show you HOW!

Why Build Modular?

Saving both time & money, modular housing is establishing itself as the next revolution in the building industry and HOW more and more people will live in the future.

With steel framed precision, our products offer a stronger, more energy efficient, eco-friendly, alternative to conventional building that is also more affordable and much, much faster to build!



  • 1 - 2 days installation (per terrace)
  • Specialised funding solutions & investment strategies
  • we look after the whole DA process for you
  • Assistance with on selling 'Off the plan'
  • Save on building cost
  • Significantly reduced holding costs
  • Precision Steel frame construction
  • Mitigate delays due to weather or tradesmen shortage
  • Minimal disturbance on-site
  • Minimal construction wastage
  • Comprehensive testing of materials
  • Progressively increase the capital growth on your existing land
  • Generate multiple sources of income in record time
  • Joint venture opportunities


Whichever way you look at a HOW - Nano Terrace, they’re better. Better designed, better luxury features, better technology, better modular structure, better building practices, a better investment and overall - better value.

Two Bedroom Design

Three Bedroom Design