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High LVR Loans
May 15, 2019
The Housing Affordability Crisis in 2019
October 1, 2019

Stay on top of your finances!

Stay on top of your finances and property position in real timeany time… and all at your fingertips!

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Our free personalized App gives you immediate access, via your mobile phone or PC, to accurate, easy to read information and graphs of your income and spending patterns.

On a personal level, it will also help you track any goals you want to set for yourself.  It can also pick up any flags that may affect any future loan application, making it a very useful tool to keep you organized and on-track.

Managing a budget will no longer be that tedious, time consuming chore that most people tend to put off.

Set up is easy and only needs to be done once.  From there it will look after itself, but you can still tweak things when you need to.

It even gives you, on demand valuation estimates on your home and any other property you have as well as keeping track on any other asset owned by you so that you can stay on top of your net asset position at any time.

Your data is fully encrypted and not accessible to anyone but you, unless you need to share it…  You can share it with us (for loan enquiries  and/or applications) … or even your accountant.

The share feature is completely controlled by you and can be turned on or off at any time.

If you do share with us, the app gives you an easy, instant way to provide us with the information we need to review your current loan structure to ensure that everything is working as well as it should be and if not, identify the problem and fix it quickly.

Also when applying for any future new loan we will be able to accurately satisfy any funder’s requirements to prove your income and expenditure which will result in a much faster assessment whether it be for a home loan, car finance, personal loan etc.

This is also a great tool for first home buyers – giving them a pathway to get finance ready for buying their first home….so feel free to share our app with them!

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