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Mortgage Calculators
January 16, 2017
Finance with Strategy
January 19, 2017

When to Buy Property?

I have often been asked “when is the best time to buy a property?” The answer has always been the same and that is “NOW”

Yes, prices may be high but they are not high everywhere and there are (and always have been) opportunities to buy property either as an owner occupier or investor, on your own or in a partnership with others.

Like any property purchase, you need a plan. Start with what you can afford and grow over time. Research is vital to your success. Make the effort to educate yourself on what, where and how to buy property. Seek out and talk to likeminded people who have succeeded in buying property either as owner occupiers or investors. You will find their what/where and how’s will vary but there will also be those who were in a similar situation to yourself, so a great way to learn from others’ experiences.

There is also an endless amount of free research material available to you online.

This doesn’t mean that professional help should be ignored, but it is another way of learning without paying big $$$$ for guidance.

There are plenty of professional property educators out there that offer free education. Many also operate as Property Buyers Agents who can help you find that property that best suits your property acquisition strategy.


There is always a way to move forward, you just need to want to!

Find the strategy that works for you at this time.

Need help?  Give us a call, make an appointment and we’ll show you HOW to best get things started.